Ajinomoto Sinigang Cube for that perfect Sinigang

Sinigang is one of the iconic Filipino dishes that's a  favorite of many Pinoys. One only has to look at the usual viands sold at the local carinderias, fastfoods, and restaurants serving Filipino dishes,  to know that Sinigang is a standard menu offering.

There's probably not a single Filipino household where nobody knows how to cook Sinigang.  But how can one cook a perfect Sinigang without too much of a hassle?

Traditionally, Sinigang is cooked with tamarind (sampalok) and requires more effort from the cook. To save time and energy, a lot of people nowadays simply use Sinigang mixes to achieve the sour taste that's essential for the dish. Some people also add seasonings like pork cubes to further enhance the taste of their Sinigang.

There's a new product in the market, though, that Sinigang lovers would really love, and that's none other than Ajinomoto Sinigang Cube. It's the perfect seasoning for Sinigang that you will ever really need.

Ajinomoto Sinigang Cube will give your Sinigang the "asim-linamnam" (sour-savory) taste. That's because, aside from the sourness, each cube also contains the delicious taste from meaty extracts. You don't really need to buy other seasonings like pork cubes or all-in-one whatever. All you'll ever need are those "Zoopsiksik" Ajinomoto Sinigang cubes to come up with a very delicious Sinigang. That makes cooking the dish a lot easier and cheaper, too.

And, if you really want a "killer" Sinigang, Ajinomoto has shared a simple, wonderful  Pork Sinigang recipe for you to try:



2 pieces AJI-SINIGANG®  Cube
1/2 kilo Pork liempo, Sinigang cut
90 grams Tomato, quartered
30 grams Onion, quartered
1 1/2 liter Water
90 grams Gabi
80 grams Labanos, sliced diagonally
45 grams String beans, cut into 1 1/2"
90 grams Kangkong
1 piece Green chili


1. BOIL pork in water for 40 to 50 minutes until tender.
2. SIMMER. Add gabi and simmer for 6 minutes.
3. SEASON AND SIMMER. Add AJI-SINIGANG® Cubes and other vegetables. Simmer for 5 minutes until cooked.
4. Makes 4 to 6 servings

We have tried this recipe at home and the common comment is *burp*.  Other mouths were too busy slurping the soup to comment at all.

As for the AJI-SINIGANG Cube, it's really a superb seasoning, no question about that.

AJI-SINIGANG® Cube is available at supermarkets and retail stores nationwide, in single 13g pillow pack cubes for just P5.00 . If you're a Sinigang addict like the rest of us, better buy it in bulk, like the 8 pieces of 13g packed in re-sealable stand-up pouch for  just P38.00.

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