Apple likely to launch a smaller, cheaper iPhone on March 21 Event

One of the most anticipated events in the technology sector will be happening on March 21. That's none other than Apple's product event that will be held at its Cupertino headquarters in California.

Most people are expecting Apple to unveil a new, smaller iPhone; a 4-inch device which is rumored to be called the iPhone SE. And take note, it just might come in hot pink too!

Tim Cook at Apple's  September Event 2015 (Image Credit: Apple)

Some tech blogs don't think that Apple would put out a hot pink iPhone, though. 9to5Mac thinks Apple will go for the more conservative rose gold (a glorified term for pink) as one of the variants of iPhone SE.  Anyway, aside from a new color choice, there are still other features of the iPhone SE that Apple fans can look forward to.

According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone SE will basically look like the iPhone 5s. Like the 5s, it will have a 4-inch display.  It will be slightly rounded, with matte edges that are less scratch-prone compared to the iPhone 5s. The SE will also have a headphone jack and will likely come in silver, gold, gray and rose gold.

The new iPhone SE may look like an old model on the outside but its
internal features are very much upgraded and takes some features from the iPhone 6. It is rumored that it will include an NFC chip to allow mobile payments and features new chips like A9 for better speed and an M9 motion processor.

The iPhone SE is expected to have a 12-megapixel camera and can support Live Photos like the iPhone 6s. It will not have 3D Touch but will have an always on "Hey Siri" support.

The SE stands for Special Edition and according to a lot of rumors, it is an entry level iPhone priced between $450 to $500.  It will also come in 16GB and 64GB variants.

Mashable has come up with a video which will give one a rough idea on how the new iPhone SE will look like compared to the rest of the iPhone models.

The iPhone SE  is expected to be released about a week after announcement. So, that would mean it would be in the market by the last week of March. According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone 5s will then be discontinued upon the arrival of the iPhone SE.

Industry watchers also expect Apple to launch a smaller iPad Pro which will come in a 9.7 inch package, and  a refresh of Apple watch Sports bands in new colors during the March 21 event.

Of course, Apple is also expected to showcase the latest software updates of iTunes, iOS, OS X, tv OS and watchOS.

The Apple event will be an exciting day for all Apple fans. Expect a lot of buzz about Apple during that day .  Apple stock prices will either go up or down too, depending on the new products and updates that the tech giant will announce.
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