CBCP not endorsing any candidate, only gives a guide to voters

In view of viral internet posts claiming the endorsement of specific candidates by the Catholic Church, the CBCP has issued a strong statement that they are NOT endorsing ANY candidate this coming May 2016 elections.

CBCP stated that it was never the practice of the Catholic Church to endorse any particular candidate. Instead, they have issued a guide which is derived "from the moral teachings of the Church".

(Image Credit:CBCP News)

The poster going around cyberspace, splashed with the words "Even the Pope admires Duterte" was singled out as untrue.  "It came from a satire piece and is a fake." The CBCP begs "everyone to please stop spreading this and to please cease from maliciously using the Pope for political gains."

The CBCP has also denied any involvement in a poster which says "Block Voting by 40 million Catholics for Roxas-Robredo". The Church cited one of its guidelines for Catholic voters to counter such claim. In particular, voters were asked to "reject claims by candidates that they are candidates of the CBCP" because "It has never been the practice of the Catholic Church to hold out a candidate to the faithful as the chosen candidate of the Church."

The CBCP has issued a 10 point guide in December 2015, to help the voters decide on who to vote for. It contains easy to follow instructions like : Catholic voters "must evaluate candidates according to the model of Christ who came to serve, not to be served" and, a Catholic voter "cannot support a candidate who vows to wipe out religion from public life".

Here's the link for "A Complete Guide to Catholic Voters" : http://www.cbcpnews.com/cbcpnews/?p=70083

Unlike other churches and religious groups or affiliations, the Catholic Church remains steadfast in not endorsing any candidate at all.

The country has witnessed political candidates wooing leaders of other churches or religious groups during elections, hoping to be endorsed to the members of such groups.

Kudos to the Catholic Church, it has not been swayed into following the practice of political endorsements, even if  the biggest number of voters in the country are Catholics.
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