Filipino-Austrian teener Lukas Janisch triumphs at The Voice Kids Germany

He is just thirteen, but Lukas Janisch sings like an old pro onstage. With his soulful finale renditions of Alicia Keys' If I Aint Got You and Adele's When We Were Young, Janisch captured the hearts of the judges and the audience.

Janisch, whose mother is a pure-blooded Filipina who hails from Palompon, Leyte, has been singing since he was a small kid. He said that he and his mother love singing with the karaoke. (Image Credit: The Voice Kids Germany)

The karaoke sessions have paid off,  giving Janisch a polished style. He sings with a relaxed mix of R&B and soul, cool to listen to, with no over-the-top vocal techniques that sometimes hurt the ear.

The teenager won 15000 Euros and a record deal for winning the grand prize at the show's finale on March 25.

Will he become a famous singer in Germany or elswhere, after his victory at The Voice Kids?

Like other talent shows, not all grand winners of The Voice become  certified stars. But it seems Janisch has a shot of becoming a star someday, owing not only to his classy style but also to his good looks. If he sticks to making music, he just might go a long, long way.
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