Grab, set to operate at NAIA on March 14

Here's good news for  balikbayans, tourists, and the general riding public - Grab will soon be operating at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

According to Inquirer, Grab online car rental and taxi services can be availed of as soon as March 14. Officials of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) will sign a memorandum of agreement with Grab on March 10.

(Image Credit: Grab Philippines @grabph)

Allowing Grab cars and taxis at NAIA is a laudable move by MIAA.

Passengers will now be given more options as to what type of ride they'll take from the airport. Not only that, online taxi and car dispatch platforms like Grab and Uber, have a complete profile of their drivers. Thus, passengers will be  more secured when they book a ride on these platforms.

Foreign tourists will also benefit a lot when  platforms like Grab are allowed at NAIA. Renting a car or taxi via Grab's smartphone app is a convenient and safe way for tourists to get to their destination, even if it's their first time in the Phlippines.

So, why Grab and not Uber?

According to Inquirer's interview with LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez, discussions with Uber are still under way, "talks between Grab and MIAA were more advanced".

Uber fans will probably just have to wait a while longer. But eventually, both Grab and Uber services will be made available at NAIA.
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