LTFRB reduces taxi fare rates, P30 flag-down permanent

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) recently handed down an order that starting March 19, taxi fare rates will be reduced. The P30 flag- down rate for taxis, which was implemented via a provisional order a year ago, will now be made permanent.

The LTFRB adjusted the succeeding rates by taking into account the complaints of the drivers regarding traffic congestion just about anywhere in Metro Manila. The waiting time was shortened from 120 seconds to 90 seconds but the additional distance  was lengthened from 300 to 500 meters. The rate is still  at P3.50 per drop of the meter for both distance and waiting time.

(Image Credit: GMA News)

The new rates will result in much cheaper cab fares if one will go to areas where there's not much traffic, since the length has been increased by 67 per cent. That would make taking a taxi easier on the pocket for regular taxi passengers. And who knows, the LTFRB move might also entice other commuters to take a cab when going to their destinations,  now that the rates will  be much lower than before.

The permanent flag-down rate of P30 will be implemented on March 19 while the adjusted rates for distance and time will require taxi meters to be recalibrated first.

Rates for airport taxis have also been reduced , with flag-down decreased from P70 to 60, then P4 for every additional 500 meters and P4  for every 90 seconds of waiting time.

As for taxis in Cordillera Administrative Region, rates are set at P2 for every additional 400 meters, and P2 for every one minute waiting time.

The LTFRB reduced the taxi fare by 10 pesos a year ago, when the price of oil hovered around $43 per barrel.  Since then oil prices had gone down, the lowest around $23 in mid-January of this year. Oil prices are headed for a rebound with Brent hitting around $41 on March 9.
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