Ninjas wanted for full-time tourism jobs in Japan

The Aichi Prefecture of Japan is hoping to lure ninjas or shinobis to come out of their invisible mode and apply for full-time jobs to promote tourism for their area. They will be given a one-year contract and will be paid ¥180,000 or about US$1600 per month.

You think that's a big joke? You'd be surprised that it's not. (Image Credit: The Japan Times, AFP-JIJI)

According to The Japan Times, the Aichi Prefecture wants to hire six ninjas who are articulate, who "enjoy being under the spotlight",  and who wouldn't hesitate to pose with tourists.

The ninja applicants are expected to be adept in acrobatics, backward handsprings, and in the use of shuriken or ninja star weapons. Applicants should be able to perform some dance moves, too.

Take note, men and women aged 18 and above, of any nationality can apply. Of course, knowing how to speak Japanese is preferable.

The ninja jobs are open until March 22 and successful applicants will have to undergo a one-month training course.

Assuming that the ones who get the jobs are real-life ninjas, we wonder what kind of training can still be given to these martial-arts masters?

With popular spots such as Nagoya Castle,  Kiyosu Castle, Meiji-mura architectural museum, Toyota Mobile Museum and a lot of others, the Aichi Prefecture want more tourists to visit and enjoy what they can offer.

Ninjas would have lots of opportunities then to pose with tourists. Hey, they might not even have time to disappear into thin air like they're used to.
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