PPP securities: new investment product soon at Philippine Stock Exchange

Investors are always looking for new ways to make their hard-earned money grow. Profits, interest income, and capital growth are the top concerns of every one who allocates part of their wealth for investment purposes.

Thus, most investors go for stocks of publicly listed companies, corporate bonds, mutual funds, UITFs, and other investment vehicles.

(Image Credit: Philippine Stock Exchange)

But now, the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (PSE) is about to offer a new way for investors to earn and at the same time, to contribute to the development of major infrastructures in the country.  The PSE is set to offer public-private partnership (PPP) securities by the second half of this year, if everything goes according to plan.

If the PPP name sounds familiar, it's because the corporations or consortiums who will issue these securities are the very ones who won PPP projects from the government.

Can you see yourself investing in airports, bridges, roads, and railways? Then public-private partnership (PPP) securities are right up  your alley.

In an interview with Manila Times, PSE chief operating officer Roel Refran said that the PPP securities can be availed of by institutional as well as retail investors. It will be taxed like ordinary traded stocks at the PSE, that's one half of one per cent, and can be easily monetized in the open market.

If only for patriotism's sake, every investor should buy at least a boardlot or a unit of these PPP securities. It will be a good way to lend support, however small, to improving the country's infrastructure.
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