[Viral] Pia Wurtzbach highlights advocacy on Facebook Live

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach interacted with her followers for about 25 minutes on Facebook Live. She asked them to help her choose a Filipino dish to cook, something  easy to cook, not too complicated, "not too exotic" so other people would like it.

Pia admitted it was her first time on Facebook Live and was delighted that about 18000 (later 21000) people were watching her. She posed a bit when she said, "18000 people are looking at me right now?"

(Image Credit: Miss Universe FB)

Pia and the audience agreed that she will cook lumpia with sweet and sour sauce. Though the reigning Miss Universe wasn't shown cooking the dish, the conversation that followed became much more interesting.

The live session turned out to be a platform where she could clarify her stance on issues closest to her heart.

Although Pia has been very vocal about her support for HIV/AIDS,  she didn't let the chance slip away to inform her viewers about what she has been doing lately in support of her main cause. She said she has been training a lot about HIV/AIDS Awareness. "I think I know more about it now than I ever did before, " she stated.

She also shared how she often discussed about HIV/AIDS with her friends via group chat. They debate about it like politicians do. They exchange views on what it is more important to tackle about it - awareness, statistics, or prevention? How to cure it, how much will it cost?

All these show that Pia is really serious about pursuing the advocacy which she had initially mentioned during the Ms. Universe Pageant.

Pia is known for being very open-minded and so it's not shocking to know that people would always want to know her views about some other famous, serious topics in today's world. One of them is the matter about sexuality. Yes, the LGBT question came up on Pia's Facebook Live show and she said, "You guys know this. I am pro- LGBT."

On the Question and Answer part of the live session, Pia told her audience to not ask pageant-like questions as she wanted the Facebook Live show to be as light and as Filipino as possible.

She revealed trivial facts like she's a huge coffee drinker (3 cups a day) and one of  her favorite lipsticks is MAC Chili, which she was wearing for the show.

Pia also revealed that she does not really miss Filipino food yet and has not really eaten rice for quite some time. What she misses is "talking to bekis in beki slang" (talking to gays in gay slang. She said she likes it when they speak terms which only she and her gay friends can understand.

It's funny that Pia wanted light hearted questions for the Question and Answer portion yet, she highlighted the topics about HIV/AIDS and LGBT.

By doing so, Pia made her advocacy crystal clear. She can let the other topics pass but when it comes to what she's fighting for, she always has time for it.

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