Clarification: Duterte apologizes to Filipinos, but not for controversial remark

The campaign team of presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte clarified on April 17 in a press release, that the outspoken presidential candidate "refused to apologize for his statements on rape saying it was expressed in 'utter anger' over the killing of hostages in 1989," according to an article by Rappler.

Duterte knows that his controversial joke, might cost him the presidency. He said in the 26 minute interview conducted on April 17 in Davao, "If it brings me down, let it bring me down. If it brings me to the presidency, then well and good. I will serve you but I will not as a matter of honor apologize for it."

(Image Credit: Rody Duterte -YouTube)

But in the interview, Duterte at the start seemed to be vacillating between asking for an apology or not; firming up to being unapologetic for the controversial remark (he said it wasn't a joke) in the end.

What led other people to conclude that he was apologetic in the first place was when he said, "Sorry kung na offend yung iba." (Sorry if I offended other people.) and when he said "sorry to the Filipinos in general". Apparently, the mayor did not say those words as an apology for the remark he said years ago in "utter anger" and which he repeated in a recent sortie and captured in a video which had gone viral.

Publications had to rewrite some of their articles to reflect his unapologetic stance.

Some of the following paragraphs are taken from the interview, so pardon the colorful language that the Davao City Mayor had used in expressing himself.

In the interview, Duterte recounted the hostage taking incident that happened in 1989, which led to the death of the Australian lay minister Jacqueline Hamill and his controversial remarks thereafter. He said, "In my utter anger, gutter language yan e, salitang kanto...Sa galit yun, I was not joking. (In my utter anger, that's gutter language, words spoken on street corners (by lowlifes usually)...It was in anger, I was not joking.)

"Binuksan ko yung isa, ... O sabi ko , ito, 't*ng ina ang ganda pa. Mukhang artista galing America. P*t*ng ina, naunahan pa yung mga mayor. Naunahan pa ako ng mga animal na 'to. Kinuha ko yung UZI ko tapos tuloy tuloy na ko."  (I opened one...I said, this one. Son of a b*tch she was so beautiful. Like an actress from America...they even got ahead of the mayors. These animals even got ahead of me. I got my UZI, and I just went on ahead")

The outspoken mayor said, "Ganun ang mga lalaki pag nagsalita... Sorry kung di nagustuhan nung iba. Pero yan ang tutoo. That is an incident but there is a story behind it." (That's how men talk. Sorry if some people did not like it. But that's the truth.)

He described his statement  a bad incident. "It was a bad remark. It wasn't a bad joke, it was not a joke."

He continued, "Talagang galit ako, sinabi ko. Ganun ang lalaki mag...O p*t*ng ina mo naunahan mo pa ako. That's a cliche...Yung mga g*go ganun magsalita." (I was angry when I said that. That's how men speak. Hey, son of a b*tch you got ahead of me. That's a cliche. The silly ones, that's how they speak.)

Someone among the interviewers asked him directly, will he apologize for his statements?

"I will not. As a matter of fact, I am even willing to lose the presidency. Do not make me apologize for something which I did na talagang.(which was really) it was called for by  the moment. I could lose the Gabriela and all, wala akong pakialam (i don't care) ...Sabi ko sainyo, (I tell you) I will not die If I do not become President.  But certainly, as a matter of honor, I will stick to my guns, I said it in the heat of anger."

He further explained, "Sa galit, ganun talaga mag explain ang.... galing ako dyan sa baba e. Hindi naman ako anak ng conyo." (In my anger, that's how I explain. I came from a poor family. I am not a child of a konyo(rich person) )

He continued and said, "I'm sorry in general...I'm sorry to the Filipino people. It's my style, it's my mouth." (He contradicted this later)

Asked about his reaction to netizens that he made a joke out of a very sensitive issue, he said. "No it was not a joke. I said it in a narrative. I was not smiling. I was just talking plain sense." He said he narrated the truth, so people will not say that he added something or what.

He said he will apologize to the Filipino people if an incident turns "gory and bloody, Sorry. Pero kung sabihin mo yung bunganga ko (but if you say it's my mouth), as a matter of principle,  I will not, for the life of me. I could lose the elections today."

There you have it. Duterte stakes his presidential bid for a controversial remark he does not want to apologize for.
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