DOH Philippines dengue vaccination program targets 1 million students

The Department of Health (DOH) launched the world's first public dengue vaccination programme in the Philippines on April 4.

The DOH  program is aiming to administer the dengue vaccine to one million public school students in selected parts of the country.

(Image Credit: Sanofi)

Dengue infects approximately 390 million people annually, with an average 25,000 cases leading to death, according to the World Health Organization. Last year, the Philippines had 200,000 cases of dengue.

DOH Secretary Janette Garin  said that the vaccination for 9-year-olds decrease the incidence of dengue by almost 25%. FYI, the vaccine can only be given to kids who are at least 9 years old.

The vaccine named Dengvaxia was developed by French drug manufacturer Sanofi. It  is given in three doses at six-month intervals.

The dengue vaccine might cause mild side effects in some people like rashes, headache, fever, and even fainting due to nervousness or fear.

Around 17000 people already received the vaccine in the Philippines in February, as part of its clinical study. Of this number, only 27 people experienced side effects.

This current undertaking by DOH is a commendable program since it ensures better health for the country's young populace. Parents of those who will be injected with the dengue vaccine will now have one less disease to worry about.
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