Duterte hit for horrible joke, apologizes and says it's cliche

Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte is being criticized by netizens, rivals, women's group, and even by Malacanang for a disgusting joke while on a campaign sortie. The one-minute video which showed Duterte making the joke had gone viral online with more than 375,000 views and counting.

In the video posted by Beatboxer ng Pinas, Duterte shared the story about a hostage taking incident in Davao City in 1989, when  missionaries were held hostage by prisoners for almost two days.

(Image Credit: Rody Duterte FB)

Five missionaries were killed, including Australian lay missionary Jacqueline Hamill, whom Duterte referred to in the video.

Duterte described the incident with these words:

"Nir*pe nila yung lahat ng babae. So 'yung unang asolte, kasi nagretreat sila, naiwan yung ginawa nilang cover.  Ang isa doon yung lay minister na Australyana. Tsk, problema na ito. Ang Australian embassy, sige nang tawag e. ( They ravished all the women. In the first assault, because they retreated, they left behind those they used as cover. One of those was an Australian lay minister. Tsk, this is a problem. The Australian embasssy kept on calling.)

Paglabas, e di binalot. Tiningnan ko yung mukha, 't*ngina parang artista sa America na maganda. 'T*ngina, sayang ito. Ang napasok sa isip ko, nir*pe nila, pinagpilahan nila yan dun. Nagalit ako kasi nir*pe, oo isa rin 'yun . Pero napakaganda, dapat ang mayor muna ang mauna. Sayang..." (When the bodies were brought out, they were wrapped.  I looked at the face, son of a b*tch, she looked like a beautiful American actress. What came to mind was, they violated her, they lined up for for her there. I got mad because she was molested, that's one thing. But she was so beautiful, the mayor should have been first. What a waste...)

What's more disconcerting about the tasteless joke was the reaction of the audience. They laughed and snickered at the hideous joke that Duterte said.

Soon as the video came out on YouTube and shared on other social media, Duterte had been lambasted by netizens, many of them shocked at his joke. While a lot of his supporters claimed that it was just a joke, majority said that it is a serious matter and that making fun of its victims is never okay. They also noted how Duterte does not seem to show respect for women, some of them called him a psychopath and a womanizer.

Other presidential candidates also chimed in:

Binay: "Your statement is simply revolting. Nothing can justify such callous remarks....Nanghihinayang ka na hindi mo nar*pe ang Australian lay minister. Pinagyabang mo na minolestya mo ang inyong kasambahay. You are a crazy m*niac who doesn't respect women and does not deserve to be president"

Roxas: "Anyone who laughs at the ultimate assault on the dignity of women should not be allowed to wield power...Hindi ito katatawanan, kahayupan ito."

Poe: "Ito ay magaspang at hindi katanggap-tanggap, at nagpapakita ng kanyang kawalan ng paggalang sa kababaihan".

The women's group GABRIELA demanded an immediate public apology from Duterte. The group stated, "Rape, or any form of sexual abuse is not a joke nor something to be trivialized in a joke, especially by a public official and most especially by those aspiring for the highest post in the land."

Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma of Malacanang said, that Duterte's statement shows the mayor "has not matured nor evolved , and that his offer to serve as President truly deserves serious scrutiny." Coloma went on to say that Duterte's statement "speaks volumes about his utter lack of respect for women" and showed that "he does not respect nor care for the sensitivities of the countries with whom the Philippines maintains cordial and cooperative relations."


The colleague said that Jacqueline was killed "while ministering in the jails in southern Philippines in a 1989 hostage taking."  Because of Duterte's disgusting remark, the colleague said, "DON'T VOTE FOR PEOPLE who speak vile things against WOMEN!! We are ALL made in the Image of God!!"

Duterte's apology was released in the evening of April 17,  but it may have made matters worse when he described his statement as cliche.

He said, "I am sorry in general. I am sorry to the Filipino people."

He said those statements were expressed "in the heat of anger", when he recalled the incident. He said he did not mean to joke about it because he was just expressing his utter anger over the heinous deeds of the hostage takers. He also said that it was just gutter language and said sorry if some people didn't like it.

GMA News quoted him as saying, "Gutter language yan. ganon ang mga lalaki magsalita. It was a bad remark. it wasnt a bad joke. Talagang galit ako kaya ko sinabi yon — 'Oh, p*tangina naunahan mo pa ako'. That’s a cliche. Ganon talaga."

Just a week ago, Duterte was leading in the latest Pulse Asia survey with 30%, followed by Poe at 25% and Binay and Mar at 20% and 19%, respectively.

In the SWS Survey he was also leading with 27% followed by Poe at 23% and Binay at 20%. But in the Mobile survey also by SWS, Duterte was overtaken by Poe with 34%, while he got 33%.

With 22 days to go before election day, will the reprehensible joke have a negative effect on Duterte's rating in the future surveys?

If it does, then a disgusting joke just cost him the Presidency.

Here's the link for the viral video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JEkpGom00M

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