Marcos, Escudero, Robredo in three-way race for VP

The May 2016 elections is 36 days away and yet, there is still no clear runaway leader based on survey polls in the vice presidential race, just like  in the presidential race.

Chiz Escudero is leading in most polls, but Bongbong Marcos always comes a close second , just two to three percentage points away. Leni Robredo meanwhile, is consistently in third position, with her numbers hovering at 20%, registering a high of 24% in the SWS survey conducted last March 4-7.

Chiz Escudero, Bongbong Marcos, and Leni Robredo

In the latest Pulse Asia survey with a sample size of 4000 respondents conducted from March 8 to 13, Marcos emerged as the leader with 25%, followed closely by Escudero with 24%. Robredo came in third with 20% of the respondents favoring her.

(Image Credit: Pulse Asia Research Inc.)

Escudero and Marcos are neck to neck when it comes to grabbing the top spot, but Robredo is still within striking distance.

Rep. Robredo is the only non-senator among the leading vice-presidential candidates. Despite coming in third in most recent polls, she still has the chance to emerge on top.

Robredo's weakness, that of being a neophyte when it comes to politics, is ironically her greatest strength as well. With no past records nor previous missteps to haunt her, Robredo's clean slate is drawing a lot of voters to her fold.

Meanwhile, in the same Pulse Asia survey, Cayetano is a far fourth placer at 13%, followed by Trillanes at 6%, and Honasan at 5%.

Cayetano, Trillanes, and Honasan appear to be non-contenders for the vice presidential slot at this point. Even if Cayetano's numbers dramatically change, he may be able to grab the third place from Robredo at best. With the son of Duterte himself reportedly dropping Cayetano in favor of Escudero, there's a possibility that Cayetano's numbers will drop further.

The vice presidential debate is scheduled on April 10 and will be shown on CNN Philippines. It would be interesting to see all the candidates face each other and defend their stand on several key issues. Let's see if the one who shines in the debate will emerge as the runaway leader in the coming poll surveys.
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