Motorists caught on CCTVs can verify traffic violations via MMDA database

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will make it easier for motorists to verify if they have a traffic violation falling under the "no contact apprehension policy" of the agency.

On May 3, MMDA will launch online a database called "Na-HuliCam Ka Ba?". It will contain an updated list of all vehicles that were caught by MMDA closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs), as having traffic violations.

(Image Credit: @MMDA)

The database is in a form of a Google spreadsheet which will contain the plate number of the vehicle. It will also include the location,  date and time of the traffic violation as well as the action done by the MMDA.

The "no-contact traffic apprehension" scheme was re-implemented in Metro Manila since April 15. So far, a total of 4,000 traffic violations have been caught on camera. That averages to about 250 traffic violations per day, tagged by the monitoring team of MMDA.

Any traffic violator caught in the "no-contact traffic apprehension" policy will be given a summons or notice by MMDA. He or she has the chance to contest the citation at the MMDA Traffic Adjudication (TAD) within 7 days after receiving the notice.

With the online database, verification of such summons is just a click away.
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