Celebrities who won in the 2016 Philippine Elections

The 2016 national elections has just ended, and though the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has not finished canvassing all the results, there are already clear winners and some candidates have been proclaimed.

As in past elections, celebrities abound in the political scene. A number of them have won or have been re-elected by their supporters.

Here's a partial list of celebrities who were elected to public office in the 2016 Elections:

Senators and Representatives:
Vicente "Tito" Sotto III - Senator
Risa Hontiveros         - Senator
Manny Pacquiao        - Senator
Vilma Santos-Recto    - Representative, Batangas 1st District
Lucy Torres-Gomez    - Representative, Leyte, 4th District
Alfred Vargas            - Representative, Quezon City, 5th District
Monsour del Rosario   - Representative, Makati City, 1st District
Yul Servo                 - Representative, Manila 3rd District

Joseph "Erap" Estrada - Manila
Herbert Bautista         - Quezon City
Lani Mercado            - Bacoor City
Richard Gomez         - Ormoc City
Cristina Gonzales-Romualdez  - Tacloban City
Girlie "Maita Sanchez" Ejercito - Pagsanjan, Laguna

Jolo Revilla-       - Cavite
Daniel Fernando  - Bulacan

Board Members:
Jestoni Alarcon  - Rizal, 1st District
Rommel Padilla  - Nueva Ecija, 1st District
Alex Castro        - Bulacan, 4th District
Maybelyn dela Cruz- Pangasinan, Dagupan City
Teri Onor          - Bataan
Azenith Briones  - Laguna

Jhong Hilario   - Makati City, 1st District
Rico Puno       - Makati City, 1st district
Robert Ortega  - Manila, 5th District
Roselle Nava   - Paranaque City, 1st District
Vandoph Quizon- Paranaque City, 1st District
Jomari Yllana   - Paranaque City, 1st District
Ryan Yllana     - ParaƱaque City, 2nd District
Viktor Eriko Sotto - Paranaque, 2nd District
Vico Sotto       -  Pasig City, 1st District
Yoyong Martirez- Pasig City, 2nd District
Precious Hipolito Castelo -Quezon City, 2nd District
Anjo Yllana      - Quezon City, 5th District
Lala Sotto        - Quezon City, 6th District
Gian Sotto       - Quezon City, 3rd District
Franz Pumaren - Quezon City, 3rd District
Roderick Paulate- Quezon City,2nd District
Hero Bautista     - Quezon City, 4th District
Charee Pineda   - Valenzuela City, 2nd District

If you will notice from the list above, some winners are related with each other, and some are couples. Most noticeable among them is the power tandem of Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez.

Sotto clan members are also found in the national and local level, from Tito Sotto as Senator to his children and nephews as councilors.

Brothers who won are Herbert and Hero Bautista; and Jomari. Anjo, and Ryan Yllana.

Other winners who are related to celebrities are Vilma Santos' husband Ralph Recto (Senator),  Guia Gomez (Mayor), and DV Savellano (Representative) who's the husband of Dina Bonnevie.

There are other celebrities who have tried their luck this 2016 elections, but failed to get enough votes to emerge as the winner. Well, there's always a next time.
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