Filipino celebrities in ketchup and pasta portraits

Creating artworks out of food is nothing new. Artists have used toasted bread, chocolate, ice cubes, milk, coffee,  and a host of other food items as medium for their work.

But when someone does it with such precision and skill, we couldn't help but notice.

Andre Manguba with Kathryn Bernardo (Image Credit:@heyheyandre_art)

One such artist whose talent is making waves on social media is Andre Manguba. And would you believe, he's just 17 years old? His skill in portraiture though, is quite advanced for his age

In the past few months, Andre had posted celebrity portraits on  his social media accounts,  wherein he used pasta and ketchup as medium. His painting surface? Pristine white plates of different shapes and sizes.

Feast your eyes on these food artworks by Andre:

Daniel Padilla (Image Credit: @heyheyandre_art IG)

Kathryn Bernardo (Image Credit: @heyheyandre_art IG)

Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza of the AlDub love team (Image Credit:@gramofnanettes IG)

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach (Image Credit: @heyheyandre_art IG)

Liza Soberano (Image Credit: @ heyheyandre_art IG)

Andre's body of work is mostly done in colored pencils and pens. Some of the local artists he had drawn using food as medium had already met him in real life, like Liza and Kathryn. Pia, showed her appreciation via Twitter.

His portraits of international stars done in colored pencils had also gained praises worldwide. The subjects themselves expressed appreciation for his work by liking or favoriting the artwork on social media like what Katy Perry and UK artist Sam Smith did. YouTube star @llSuperwomanll Lily Singh and Scott Hoying of Pentatonix  also appreciated his work and kept the portraits for themselves.

Andre is still young and yet he is very persistent in honing his craft. His dream of becoming a "world-renowned artist", as he expressed in an interview with Tumblr Magazine last year, is slowly coming true.

With a presence in social media that's growing bigger everyday and with mainstream media noticing his work, it's only a matter of time before Andre becomes real big in the local and international art scene.
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