Filipino celebrities pay tribute to their moms on Mother's Day

Like most nations worldwide, the Philippines is celebrating Mother's Day today, May 8. Filipinos from all walks of life, be they rich or poor, paid tribute to their moms in a variety of ways.

Malls and restaurants are usually jampacked, since most mothers are treated to a dine out by their kids or grandchildren. A lot of moms are smiling, most of them given flowers by their loved ones.

Meanwhile, a lot of celebrities greeted their moms on social media and posted pictures of their mom with very touching messages. Here are some of them:

Mothers. Not only those who carried you in their wombs, gave birth to you, and raised you. Those who may not have seen you from day 1, but came at exactly the time you needed to be mothered the most...They are also Mothers. I have so much love for people like you. Thank you for taking somebody under your wing. You can impact the lives of those in need of your love, just by being truly present, encouraging, patient, kind, and persistent on providing confidence and strength. Happy Mothers Day to you all !!!
- KC Concepcion @thisiskcconcepcion IG)
(Image Credit: @thisiskcconcepcion IG)

Missing you more each day, mommy. Thought of that Nido commercial again and it really brought back so many memories. Can't help but say #DearMomThankYou for all you've done, no matter how far you are from me ❤
-Liza Soberano @lizasoberano IG)
(Image Credit: @lizasoberano IG)
Brought mama to my work today in Pampanga ❤️. Thank you mama sumama ka sa akin kahit ang hirap mo ng hilahin sa labas! Hihi! I love you sooo much! Happy Mother's Day!!! #BeingALittleNanayToMyNanay
-Kris Bernal @krisbernal IG
(Image Credit: @krisbernal IG)
You are a strong woman. Don't let your problems get to your head. I know you can do this. You wouldn't be my mother for nothing. You taught me to be wise and tough even at the worst time in life. I sincerely thank you for that. Happy Mother's Day, Mudak @amyforteza
-Barbie Forteza @barbaraforteza IG
(Image Credit: @barbaraforteza IG)

No words are enough to say thank you to this woman who literally gave her life for all of us 11 children in the family. I love you mom. Through you I have experienced pieces of Jesus in my life even before I knew Him in the way I know Him today. I love you and miss you so much. Happy Mother's Day to you.
- Gary Valenciano @therealgaryv IG
(Image Credit: @therealgaryv IG)
To the strongest woman i know, happy mother's day!!! Thank you for being my rock. may we collect more happy memories together ma. i love you!!
- Bea Alonzo @beaalonzo IG
(Image Credit: @beaalonzo IG)

To my BEST EVER lola who never made me feel I was w/o a mom's love; to my mom, my NO.1 in everything
-@aldenrichards02 11 PM May 7
 (Image Credit: Alden Richards)

I'll never forget the many sacrifices you made for me. I hope I continue to make you proud. Happy Mother's Day, Mama 💕💐 I love you for ever 💞 #CleoSalman #throwback #mothersday #mama
-Dawn Zulueta @dawnzulueta IG
(Image Credit: @dawnzulueta IG)

These messages and images show that celebrities are just like ordinary people when it comes to loving and caring for their moms. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world!
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