Pia and Dr. Mike's online banter in Filipino hints they're still OK

After posting that cryptic message on Instagram, which seemed to be loaded with sarcasm, Pia indirectly addresses the issue with a tweet saying everything's ok:

"Kalma lang po. Okay naman ang lahat:) magandang umaga! "
- @PiaWurtzbach May 17

(Image Credit: @doctor.mike)

What followed  after  Pia's reassuring tweet, was  a conversation between her and Dr. Mike ( Dr. Mikhail Varshavski). And what do you know - it's in Filipino!

The conversation online started with Pia's tweet:

Nagkamali lang po ng pagkaintindi at pagkasagot. Pasensya na po. Maraming salamat po. 🤐😓☹️ @RealDoctorMike Okay na po ba, doc? ✌️

(I just made a mistake in understanding and in replying. Sorry. Thanks. @RealDoctorMike Is it ok, doc?)

Dr. Mike replied with:

Ok lang @PiaWurtzbach na nagkamali ang pagkaintindi mo at sagot. ❤️😊 Naiintindihan ko. Lahat ng bagay at lahat ay mabuti.

(It's ok @PiaWurtzbach if you made a mistake in understanding and in replying. I understand. All things are good.)

The last line was pretty awkward, but hey, not bad for a Russian who grew up in the US.

Pia chided Dr. Mike for his answer and replied with, "Hindi naintindihan ni kuya. Pa translate naman po sa kanya 🙏✌️😄❤️😇". (He did not understand it. Please translate it for him.)

She followed it up with:

Baka replayan ako ng Russian. Di bale may German at Bisaya pa akong baon (He might reply in Russian. Never mind, I still have supply of German and Bisaya )

When Dr. Mike tweeted,  "Nag aaral lang ngayon ng Tagalog. 📓📝🇵🇭🤓 Mabuhay Philippines!" (Am just learning Tagalog today. )

Again, Pia teased him and replied with:

@RealDoctorMike good to know you finally can spell our Philippines correctly.

Pia was referring to a tweet by Dr.Mike wherein he spelled Philippines as "Phillipines". He quickly apologized for it, though.

The confidently beautiful Pia ended their light banter with another joke:

@RealDoctorMike oh and you finally know what our flag looks like! 👌 congratulations the Filipinos love you now

Fans of both celebrities could not help but giggle and be amused at the exchange between the two. Obviously, Pia is trying to teach Dr. Mike to learn Filipino and Filipino values, as well.

With this lighthearted exchange, Pia and Dr. Mike are undoubtedly still on good terms. But more than that, there is obvious effort on the part of Dr. Mike to really please Pia.

A few days ago, Pia posted on Instagram the message "Boy, I'm a prize, not a catch," which has since been deleted. Netizens assumed it was meant for Dr. Mike.

It seems Pia's Instagram post worked its magic after all. The boy is finally realizing that Pia is a prize and not a catch.
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