Tourism Department's video of campaign at London Waterloo goes viral

In a video posted on YouTube last May 26, the country's Department of Tourism (DOT) showed how they conducted the campaign Visit Philippines Again 2016 at the London Waterloo station.

Netizens reacted with superlatives to describe DOT's campaign via Station Domination. They described the campaign as brilliant, great, marvelous, good job, beautiful, awesome, fantastic, super, excellent, wow, and more.

Special Immersion Zone (Image Credit: PDOT London)

It's no wonder then that the video had gone viral with over 241,000 views as of this writing, and more than 170 comments so far.

The more than three-minute video shows the different promotional strategies employed by the DOT in catching the attention of commuters. It also featured  the reactions of the Londoners who got to experience a bit of the Philippines via the interactive or "special immersion zone" at the Waterloo station.

3D Selfie Stand (Image Credit: PDOT London)

DOT's "station domination series" at the Waterloo ran from April 24 to May 23. Instant prizes were given to commuters who took time to have their photos taken at the creative 3D selfie stands, foot selfies with floor stickers, and experience the Virtual Reality pods with astounding 360 images of the country.

 Virtual Reality Pod (Image Credit: PDOT London)

Aside from the immersion zone, Philippine scenes ran for a month on Waterloo's big digital screens, which is considered to be Europe's largest digital motion display. Floor stickers about the Philippines and large banners with the copy, "It's more fun in the Philippines" and "Visit the Philippines again 2016" were visible all throughout the station.

Waterloo Digital Motion Display (Image Credit: PDOT London)

DOT foot sticker at Waterloo (Image Credit: PDOT London)

So how did Londoners react to the campaign?

Here are some reactions taken from the video itself:

"It's interesting, It's different. So, this kind of campaign makes people stop and look".

"I will definitely go home and look into some flights to the Philippines which I've never done before. So, it's done something to me."

"Seeing the pictures of the other islands I didn't get to go to makes me wanna go back so badly."

"You don't see virtual reality, the goggles, too often used. So i think to be at the forefront of that is good coz it means  the people are more likely to talk about it"

"Quite an amazing experience, seeing things I never really thought about before in the Philippines "

"I wanna go on a holiday. It's kind of a push it's like, ok I should go on a holiday to Philippines tomorrow.

"When you see something fleetingly on the TV or in an advert in the paper, it's easy to brush it past. Whereas if you feel like you've actually gone to the island before you go, makes you want to experience it for real."

"Definitely more likely to go to the Phlippines after the experience today"

And that's probably just a small sample from a lot more positive reviews about the DOT campaign.

Did DOT make the right choice in choosing Waterloo as the launching pad for the campaign?

The choice of Waterloo and the rifle approach used to promote the Philippines in one area with  a very high foot traffic, reflects the extensive experience  of  DOT Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr. in advertising.

Waterloo station is UK's busiest railway station with about 100 million passenger entries and exits in a year.

Commuters themselves said that it was the perfect choice for the campaign, considering the traffic and that the type of people who go through the station daily had "lots of professionals...the likely type of people that do go on holiday to far away destinations." Another commuter said that many of the people who go through the station, "have discretionary spending".

DOT revealed that the Station Domination was seen by about 8.4 million commuters during the one-month run. It also reached more than 1.2 million Facebook users and "over 50,000 engagements on various social media platforms", according to the website.

Gerard Panga, the Tourism Attache & Director for the Northern and Southern Europe Embassy of the Philippines, London said, "It's been very good so far. We have off-site promotions as well."

The campaign strategy used at Waterloo station is seen as very successful by Filipinos worldwide that some are requesting  it should be done in other areas as well.

The skillful use of technology, especially the Virtual Reality goggles, did not go unnoticed. Add to that the selfie opportunities with the creative 3D stands and floor stickers, and Bingo! Even Filipinos based in the country are asking, when will the DOT bring that kind of campaign to the Philippines?
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