Maine says she wants to be with Alden, while crying over sad love story

During the Juan for All, All for Juan portion of Eat Bulaga on June 24, Maine was touched over the sad love story of the winner named Belen Junto.

Jose Manalo noticed that while the 48-year old winner was recounting her love story and crying over her sad past, Maine was getting emotional too.

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Belen said that when she was younger, she left the love of her life because her family was against her relationship with her boyfriend. Her family said his boyfriend was a Mama's boy and not right for her because he seems irresponsible.

Belen then devoted her time to taking care of her sick mom, instead of starting her own family with the guy.

In the end, her lover met a tragic death but she still remembers him and offers a mass for him every All Soul's Day

While she was relating her story, Maine was noticeably getting uncomfortable, then she finally cried real tears.

When Jose asked why Maine was crying, she said that somehow she was able to relate a bit to the story. "May napagdaanan din akong ganun." (I went through the same thing.)

When Jose asked if it can't be shared, Meng indicated she'd rather not.

Allan K asked, "Ayaw rin ba ng nanay mo kay Alden?" (Does your mother also not like Alden?)

She answered, "Hindi po, hindi po. Pero nata-touch lang talaga ako. Iyun. Naka relate lang po ako ng very light" ("No,no. I'm just touched, that's all. I was just able to relate very lightly)

Vic Sotto then jokingly asked later, "O, so sino yung gusto mong kasamahin?" (So who do you want to be with?). The first time around, Maine just laughed and said, "Bossing, naman."

When Vic repeated the question after a few minutes of conversation, Maine said, "Bossing naman e, syempre si Alden." (Bossing, of course it's Alden.)

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The panel reacted, surprised and delighted. Even Allan K stood up, raised his hand in jubilation, shouting, "Umamin!" (She admitted).

(Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

When everyone in the audience was cheering with Allan K, together with the EB panel, Maine retracted and said, "Bossing, joke lang po yun." (Bossing, that was just a joke.)

She added in her baby talk style "Charot lang, inaano ba kayo?" (It was just a joke, what am i doing to you?)

The show went on, but even if Maine said she was only joking, AlDub fans will take her statement about Alden as bearing some semblance of truth. After all, most jokes are half-meant or half-true. AlDub's forever is 50% in the bag.
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