AlDub celebrates first year anniversary with a bang

A year after Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza gave Alden Richards that astonished look via split screen on Eat Bulaga, their love team, AlDub, has accomplished things never before seen in Philippine showbiz history.

Who would have thought that a social media viral star and a newcomer at that, can be a game changer in the industry known for its glitz and glamour?

From July 16, 2015 onwards, AlDub has truly earned its title as a phenomenal love team. And now, it has added another feather on its cap with their first major solo film as a love team.

Their film ''Imagine You and Me" is now showing in over 200 theaters nationwide and has reportedly earned more than 21 million pesos on its first day. That' s the highest gross opening for all Filipino films this year.

Just a few days ago, AlDub also graced the cover of Yes magazine, as they topped the list of the country's 100 most beautiful people.

As AlDub makes a grand celebration of its first year, the AlDub nation will probably make an attempt to make a record of some sort.

Will they break that 41 million Twitter record?

Will they make Imagine You and Me the highest grossing Filipino film of all time?

Let's see what AlDub fans will do to prove to one and all that AlDub is still truly deserving of their phenomenal tag.
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