Olympic silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz cheered on by restaurant crowd

Filipina silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz was given a dinner treat by TV5 officials at Churrascaria CarretĆ£o do Lido at Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, to celebrate her stunning win at the Rio Olympics.

When the restaurant diners found out that she was in the house, they broke out in cheers, much to the delight of Hidilyn and the Filipinos accompanying her.

(Image Credit: @coachot IG)

A video posted on social media by Media5 President Chot Reyes shows how the diners clapped, howled, and chanted for Hidilyn.

Reyes wrote the following message to describe the video:

Unbelievable! An entire restaurant cheers when they find out @haidie20 is in the house ! #thegoldensilver #RiOlympicSports5 #labanpilipinaspusošŸ’Ŗ❤ šŸ‡µšŸ‡­

What's more surprising is that there were more foreigners than Filipinos inside the barbecue restaurant when Hidilyn was given the impromptu ovation.

As Reyes noted, there were nationals from USA, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, New Zealand and Brazil. And they even sang Ole, ole, ole, some of them standing up from their seats,  to give tribute to the Philippines' newest sports hero.

For her part, the famed Filipina weightlifter was laughing while she continuously documented the event on her smartphone. Then she stood up on her chair(?), danced for a bit,  and proudly unfurled a Philippine flag as the singing and clapping continued.

(Image Credit: @coachot IG)

Here's the complete message of Reyes which described the second video documenting the event:

After that initial cheer, di pa na-kuntento mga tao - from USA, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Czech Rep, Italy, New Zealand, & of course Brazil. Napakanta tuloy kami ng Ole, ole, ole ! @haidie20's reaction was precious #thegoldensilver
 Click here for full video of Hidilyn's celebration

Hidilyn  is the first female athlete from the Philippines who won an Olympic medal. It is also the first time that the country got a medal for weightlifting.

Diaz finally ended the 20-year drought that the Philippines had experienced in its quest for an Olympic medal.

Congratulations Hidilyn ! We are so proud of you!
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