Selena Gomez wows Manila in Revival Tour, vows to return to the Philippines

Selena Gomez wowed Filipinos at her Revival Tour concert, held at the Mall of Asia Arena on July 31. She brought the audience to its feet with her dance songs, making the concert feel more like a party more than anything else.

For most of the concert, members of the audience were singing and dancing with Selena. The festive atmosphere due to her energetic performance and upbeat songs were pretty hard to resist.

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(Image Credit: @moaarena IG)

The pop diva likewise felt the lovely reaction of her fans and made a promise to come back to the Philippines. She said:

Please don't get mad at me if I say this wrong but it's 'Mahal Kita', right? I just want to say I love you guys so much and I guarantee you that we will be back, ok?

Selena made the same promise to her Indonesian fans where she reportedly shouted, "I will come back, I promise!". Selenators in Thailand were also ecstatic as she gave a similar promise of coming back to their country.

The Revival Tour was supposed to make 8 stops in Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philppines, Japan, and Guangzhou and Shanghai in China. But Selena was reportedly banned from performing in China because of her support for the Dalai Lama as evidenced by a picture of hers taken with the spiritual leader back in 2014.
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