Daniel Padilla hints future film projects won't be with Kathryn Bernardo

The latest KathNiel movie, Barcelona: An Untold Story, earned 23 million on its opening day on September 14. It is reportedly the highest opening day gross for 2016, so far.

Fans are of course delighted with the reception of the film and are proud of the "mature" performances of Daniel and Kathryn. Besides that, the much-awaited, full, and no-camera trick kiss of KathNiel in the film, is being celebrated by their fandom.

(Image Credit: Tonight with Boy Abunda; ABS-CBN Entertainment)

But on Tonight With Boy Abunda (TWBA), Daniel hinted that after Barcelona, he and Kathryn will probably have separate film projects in the immediate future. A lot of KathNiel fans were caught by surprise with Daniel's answer, though the rumor had been circulating online for quite some time.

It was Boy who brought up the issue, when he asked Daniel about what Ethel Ramos wrote in her column on Malaya. Boy said, "In the column of Manay Ethel, she wrote that for now... this is your last project together. Ano'ng inyong reaction, what is the truth? Tell me..."

Daniel answered hesitantly and said, "For now, wala pa naman pong nababanggit sa amin na ito yung last, pero..." (For now, it has not been mentioned to us that this would be the last, but...)

Before proceeding with his answer, Daniel looked intently at Kathryn. Then he continued, "I think sa movie, Tito Boy, I'm not sure. Pero yung sa teleserye, I'm sure kami pa ring dalawa ni Kathryn. Pero yung sa movie, maybe magkakaron lang ng iba, na hindi ako kasama. Pero wala din ibig sabihin nun e may iba syang ka love team. Pwede syang isang daughter dun or ako din pwede ding anak sa isang dramatic movie, ganun." (I think in movies, Tito Boy, I'm not sure. But in the teleserye, I'm sure it will still be Kathryn and I. But in movies, maybe there will be some where I won't be included. Maybe she will be a daughter in one or I may also be a son in a dramatic movie.)

The TWBA host asked if they are both ready as actors or as individuals for not being together in a movie. Kathryn said it will be hard on her part since she will have to make a big adjustment. She said that DJ is her "mood booster", because he makes her happy on the set. She said she does not really know how, but if that happens, she would request for a good director to guide her on what to do and also hopes it (the movie) would be a good material.

Asked directly by Boy if she can imagine a life without DJ, Kathryn answered, "Now? No." Posed with the same question, DJ said that it's different when Kathryn is with him because even if he's tired, he feels ok. "Pag andyan siya, kahit pagod na ko, ok lang ako. Magkasama naman kami dito sa hirap at pagod"

KathNiel fans will have to brace themselves for future movie projects of Kathryn and Daniel. They may not star together in a film, but it might prove beneficial in the end. It's not the end of KathNiel yet, it's just the beginning of their career as seasoned actors.
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