Online Voting for Miss Universe Top 12 officially opens, how to cast your vote

Online voting for Miss Universe is now officially open. All pageant enthusiasts can now vote for their favorite contestant and send them into the Top 12.

The Miss Universe organization has just released the guidelines on their website and on social media.

(Image Credit: Miss Universe FB page)

Netizens can vote starting  January 24 (January 23. 11:30PM PH time). Last day for voting is on January 28 (January 29, 10:30 PH TIME).

Voting can be done in four ways through the following: Miss Universe website, Miss Universe app, Vodi app, and Twitter

One can vote up to 10x per account per day using the Miss Universe App, Vodi App, and  the Miss Universe website. For Twitter accounts, the account should be set to PUBLIC, must have existed for more than 24 hours, and should have more than 10 followers.

Here's how you can cast your vote, according to Miss Universe organization:

Download the Miss Universe app from AppStore or PlayStore and hit vote on the side menu. Click HERE for Miss U iOS app.

Visit the Miss Universe website to vote. You must have an account to vote. Connect or log in via FB, Twitter or your email account. Click HERE to go to login page.

Vodi App
Download Vodi app via iOS or Android. Hit the vote button.


Tweet using #MissUniverse and contestant specific hashtag. Take advantage of retweets.

(Image Credit: Miss Universe FB page)

To send Philippine candidate Maxine Medina to Miss Universe Top 12, follow these steps as detailed by The Philippine Pageantry:

Go to or simply click HERE. Log in via FB, Twitter, or e-mail. Check "Sort by Country", scroll to "Philippines", add 10 VOTES. Then scroll up and tick the Age Verification checkbox. Lastly, click "CAST YOUR VOTE."

Download Miss Universe app from the AppStore or Playstore. Register. Go to SIDE MENU, click VOTE. Check "Sort by Country", scroll down to "Philippines", add 10 VOTES. Scroll up, tick the AGE VERIFICATION checkbox, click "CAST YOUR VOTE."

Vodi App:
Download VODI from either AppStore or PlayStore. Referral Code is Philippines. Click the check mark VOTE. Check "Sort by Country", go to "Philippines", add 10 votes. Scroll up to tick AGE VERIFICATION checkbox. Then click "CAST YOUR VOTE"

Make sure your Twitter account is set to PUBLIC. It should also have more than 10 followers and must have existed for more than 24 hours. Each of your tweet and retweet should contain both #Philippines and #MissUniverse hashtags.

(Image Credit: The Philippine Pageantry FB page)

Here's a tutorial video made by The Philippine Pageantry to make it easier for you to vote for Miss Philippines Maxine Medina and to make sure she lands on the Top 12:

Start voting now!
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