Sen. Cynthia Villar gives livelihood assistance to distressed OFWs

Senator Cynthia Villar recently helped out seven (7) distressed overseas workers by giving each of them "sari-sari store" packages.

The seven workers were repatriated to the the Philippines due to the abuse and maltreatment they suffered from their foreign employers. Some of them were also victims of illegal recruitment.

(Image Credit: Cynthia Villar FB page)

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Villar, who always had a soft heart for OFWs, hope that the packages would help the workers and their families recover from the financial troubles as well as the trauma caused by their bad experiences while working abroad.

The lady senator said, "If life abroad has been cruel to them, I'd like them to feel today that life can be better here in our country, where their families are always present to share their ups and downs. These sari-sari store packages maybe minimal, but I hope that these would help them meet the daily requirements of living."

The OFWs were brought home through Villar's Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance (SIPAG), in collaboration with the Blas Ople Policy Center.

Each of the seven OFWs had their own horror stories to tell. Five of them (Aiza Antonio, Warren Nemenzo, Vergilio Ursaiz, Darazel Nicolas, and Jane Reyes), were repatriated from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where they either endured various forms of abuses from their employers or were victims of illegal recruitment. One OFW was brought back from Malaysia (Valentina Lopez) while Cheryl Caganda was repatriated from Hong Kong.

All of the seven OFWs also received financial assistance from Villar, aside from the sari-sari store packages.

Villar hopes that the seven OFWs will persist in pursuing their dreams despite the setbacks they have endured. She said, "I want them to still believe that everything will be better, that their sufferings will end, that tomorrow, the sun will shine again. I want them to begin again, and I want to help them jumpstart their new beginnings."
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