What Network: Globe, Smart, Sun Philippines Mobile Number prefixes

Knowing the network of a particular mobile number in the Philippines is important, if you don't want to be charged extra in your calls or text.

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The only way to know the network of a particular number is through its prefix, or its first four numbers. For example, in the number 0907-1234567, the numbers 0907 is the prefix.

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There are two major networks in the country: Globe and Smart. Globe has a subsidiary named TM and a subtelco named Next Mobile. Cherry Mobile Prepaid, and ABS-CBN Mobile also falls under Globe. Smart's subsidiaries are Talk 'N Text (TNT) and Sun Cellular (SUN).

Globe and TM numbers are mostly lumped together including those of Next Mobile, Cherry Prepaid Mobile, and ABS-CBN Mobile. Smart and TNT are also mostly grouped together. SUN has an entirely different set of prefixes because it was only acquired by Smart owner, PLDT, in 2011.

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With so many prefixes for each respective network, it's hard to remember them all. We know a lot of people are asking the following questions and we have the immediate answers, in case you need the info, too:

What network is 0977? That's Globe/TM.
What network is 0955? That's also Globe/TM.
What network is 0956? That's Globe/TM,too.

Here's the Updated and Full list of mobile number prefixes in the Philippines:

Number        Network
0813      SMART/Talk 'N Txt (TNT)
0817      Globe/TM
0900      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0905      Globe/TM
0906      Globe/TM
0907      SMART/Talk N' Text(TNT)
0908      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0909      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0910      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0911      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0912      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0913      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0914      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0915      Globe/TM
0916      Globe/TM
0917      Globe/TM
0918      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0919      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0920      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0921      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0922      Sun Cellular (SUN)
0923      Sun Cellular (SUN)
0924      Sun Cellular (SUN)
0925      Sun Cellular (SUN)
0926      Globe/TM
0927      Globe/TM
0928      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0929      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0930      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0931      Sun Cellular (SUN)
0932      Sun Cellular (SUN)
0933      Sun Cellular (SUN)
0934      Sun Cellular (SUN)
0935      Globe/TM
0936      Globe/TM
0937      ABS-CBN Mobile (under Globe)
0938      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0939      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0940      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0941      Sun Cellular (SUN)
0942      Sun Cellular (SUN)
0943      Sun Cellular (SUN)
0944      Sun Cellular (SUN)
0945      Globe/TM
0946      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0947      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0948      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0949      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0950      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0951      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0955      Globe/TM
0956      Globe/TM
0970      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0971      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0973      Extelcom
0974      Extelcom
0975      Globe/TM
0976      Globe/TM
0977      Globe/TM/Next Mobile
0978      Globe/TM/Next Mobile
0979      Globe/TM/Next Mobile
0980      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0981      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0989      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0992      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0994      Globe/TM
0995      Globe/TM
0996      Cherry Mobile Prepaid (under Globe)
0997      Globe/TM
0998      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
0999      SMART/Talk N Text (TNT)
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